Hello there, and welcome to THE DESTIN BEACH HOUSES BLOG!

This is the beginning of a new blog, and I’m very excited!

If you’ve read our Bio on our website, you’ll know a little bit about how The Destin Beach Houses got started. But I would like to tell you more!

(If you haven’t read it, check it out: LINK).

That short story tells mostly of our beginnings, but a lot has happened since we first started. A lot of small details go into not only creating a business, but also growing it, branding it, designing it, etc. 

Now, don’t start yawning yet. I’m not going to tell you all the boring stuff… (because believe me…. There is LOTS of boring stuff). I want to tell you the exciting things that are currently going on with us and our business!


  1. Periodic updates, news, and events in the Destin area
  2. Upcoming vacation specials and discounts 
  3. (This one is my favorite. Haha). Behind-the-scenes progress reports and insights into our new and current build projects!

Blogging is something we have wanted to do for a while! But for various reasons, we just haven’t made it happen yet. 

Let’s be honest, life can be DISTRACTING! But also, I suppose part of the reason could be because we have been so involved in getting the business off the ground and established. Lately, I feel like we have really gotten to a good place with The Destin Beach Houses; and I feel like we can finally take a step back and breathe a little. 

We are in the process of building another vacation home RIGHT NOW! Our biggest one yet, as a matter of fact. 

This will be the 5th home that we have built from the ground up. I feel that we know enough by now that we would really love to share our process with you. 

What’s this thing going to look like exactly? To be honest, I’m not sure. But, we’ll figure it out as we go. ( Hint: I know there will be lots of pictures. Lol ). 

I believe the Lord has been with us every step of the way, and He’s not going to stop now.

Hang tight, stay tuned, and keep an eye out for the upcoming blog posts. 

I hope you’re even half as excited as I am.

God Bless